GUA-RING series, designed with a new technology that reduces seal costs and provides a longer service life, are mounted in closed housing groove. Particularly suitable for hydraulic cylinders, both simple and double-acting, GUA-RING is also suitable for pumps, press machines, and earth-moving equipment when consumption is significant and demands of low friction, small working spaces and low costs are necessary as actual parts in use have normally a short service life. Slide ring seals GUA-RING is available in two versions stated as type 01 (piston application) and type 02 (rod application). They are composed of two separate parts: the slide ring available in special material composition which offers excellent sealing, low friction, and high wear resistance to corrosion, and an energizing elastomeric part TECNORING in synthetic rubber which works as a radial sealing force.

Ease of mounting
High abrasion resistance
High extrusion resistance

Low deformation value 

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