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GIR-GER seals are suitable for single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders, take up little space, are highly efficient and can operate at very high speeds. There are two versions of GIR-GER: GER (piston seal) and GIR (rod seal), which consists of two separate parts. The dynamic element is made of reinforced PTFE, which provides excellent sealing, low friction and high corrosion resistance, and the tensioning elastomeric part TECNORING is made of synthetic rubber, which acts as a radial sealing force.


High abrasion resistance

High resistance to extrusion

Low deformation value

YOU CAN CHANGE THE GIR TO: I / GR - OMS-MR - 16 - S31 - SPOR31 - CSI - XAB - XB - K35 - MBRS - LOMSC - HBTS - SPNS - CS6 - HBT - MKR - KR - RS-11 - GCR - NCR

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