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A double-acting seal for piston, the TPM represents a cheap sealing solution that ensures excellent resistance under medium pressure. Composed of 5 elements: a central part in NBR, two support rings in thermoplastic material, and two acetalic guide rings, it’s available in two versions (TPM and TPM/E) different only in the profile of the main sealing element in NBR. The unique combination of the material guarantees low friction where high pressure occurs. In presence of harsh working conditions, this sealing element is also available in special materials able to withstand high temperatures.


Ease of mounting

High abrasion resistance

High extrusion resistance

Low deformation value

TPM YOU CAN REPLACE IT WITH: - DBM - DPS - DAS - L43 - SIMKO5 - ZW - ZX - 58 - K03 - KK03 - MHM - KGD - KDSA - KDSB - K18 - LL43P - SPS - MPSA - PSA - PS-40

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